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Chronic Illness Support Group

January 9, 2012


If you have been dealilng with chronic illness and pain, you are aware of the loneliness and doubt it can cause. You are not alone. Come join us two Mondays a month and meet with individuals who are sharing some of the same emotions and fears that you are. We will be using a book, Peace in the Storm, written by Maureen Pratt. Maureen has suffered from severe autoimmmune disease for many years.  Her words will be a springboard for our discussions.

Each session (only two times a month) we will address a particular topic from the book, find Scriptural encouragement for our journey and have a time for each person to share and find support and prayer. Our goal will be tofind peace in the midst of the storm of illness and to begin to grow and thrive in other ways, even when we are struggling physically.

A small fee will be charged, but you will find your time, money and energy well invested with this group. Research has shown that individuals with chronic illness do better in EVERY WAY when involved in a systematic support system.

Call Kay Swatkowski 847-912-1787 for more information, or contact her through email.